About Us

We are a group of students from a diverse range of disciplines, studying at the University of Cambridge. We first met in the 2021-22 Innovation Programme of the Cambridge MedTech Foundation where we  began working on a medical solution to post-operative flap care.

Our solution is designed around our users, with the goal of saving our clients time and money.

Our aim is to provide an affordable solution that makes caring easier and better.

Join us on our flap care revolution!

Our Projects

We are currently working on building the necessary networks essential for our proof of concept and building our first prototype.

Our team

A small and flexible team, we bring together our experiences and enjoy new challenges.

Rebecca Koh

Regulatory compliance lead and clinical co-lead

Rebecca is a medic with a background in law. She is responsible for looking into regulatory compliance and works with clinicians to ensure the applicability of our solution is ideal to the clinical space.

Tanrada Pansuwan

Data analysis and software development lead 

Ink is a PhD candidate, researching neuro-imaging. She brings the experience of coding and data analysis to them team. She heads the data analysis that is critical to building the software, supporting our solution.

Ghifari Pradana

Technical design lead

Ghifari is an engineer, responsible for the technical design of our solution. He also overlooks the development of prototypes and ensuring the usability of our solution.

Evelina Sliauteryte

Research and Evidence lead

Evelina is a natural scientists working on research and evidence for our solution. She is responsible for partnerships with research groups to ensure our product complies with regulations.

Clara Chen

Investment lead and clinical co-lead

Clara is a medic with an interest in funding. She is responsible for developing our financing models, ensures that our product will be financially sustainable for our medical partners and a worthwhile investment for our future partners. She also works with clinicians to ensure the applicability of our solution to the clinical space.


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